Automated system of commercial accounting of water consumption/supply

An object: Implementation and maintenance of an Automated system for commercial accounting of water consumption/supply and determination of losses.
Customer: Mosvodokanal JSC
Location: Districts of Moscow: "Strogino", "Teply Stan", "Brateevo", "Yasenevo - 1,2", "Zyablikovo".
Year of implementation: 2014- present

Project Description

ASKUPViOP is an information and measurement system that unites 53 objects (including those located in the TSC and 3 in wells), each of which includes a measuring component, a connecting component and a computing component common to all channels.

Technologically, ASKUPViOP is a set of functionally integrated measuring, computing and other auxiliary technical means and software that ensure the receipt of information, its storage, transformation and processing for the purpose of further automatic export of commercial data to the settlement system and automated dispatch control and management system.

ASKUPViOP is designed for:
  • organization of commercial accounting of consumption / supply of water to the end user
  • organization of loss control (unauthorized use and leakage)
  • organization of electronic inventory of UU equipment and individual components
  • organization of the data flow to the automated dispatching control and management system (ASDKU)

Project Characteristics:
  • The number of controlled objects - 471 pcs.  
  • Dispatching, diagnostic data collection and integration into analytical data processing systems were performed using the Web-Telemetry portal.