Remote monitoring and measurement of overpressure and temperature of gas in the pipeline


The solution is intended for the organization of remote monitoring of the gas pressure of the gas pipeline section. It can be supplemented with the parameter - measurement of gas temperature. The gas pressure monitoring solution provides the collection and transmission of information to the dispatcher level (or control panel) via wireless communication channels using the built-in GSM/GPRS module. The equipment in the cabinet has an explosion-proof design. The cabinet is installed directly on the pipeline.The power supply of the controller and equipment is provided by an intrinsically safe autonomous power supply module (rechargeable LiPo battery), which allows you to work offline without recharging up to 1 year.


Брошюра "Технические решения" 

  •     autonomous telemetry complexes ACTEL-2
  •     overpressure sensor
  •     end position sensor of the DCPG type
  •     intrinsically safe power supply module
  •     remote control of telemetry/telemechanics systems


  • domestic manufacturer - Russian-made equipment and software
  • more than 250 installations at industrial facilities of the gas industry in the regions of the Russian Federation
  • data collection into a single system from various equipment: energy metering units, sensors, chromatographs, moisture meters, cathodic protection stations
  • work on available communication channels and lines: GSM/GPRS, telephone line, Ethernet, etc.
  • automatic recording of the "Gas Passport" with reference to the time of its entry into force

  • the implementation of operational monitoring of gas pressure and temperature as an additional option in the most problematic points of the gas distribution network (dead ends, condensate collection sites, diameter transitions, etc.)
  • contributes to maintaining an optimal gas supply regime
  • by providing operational data to hydraulic calculation systems, leak detection systems and telemetry systems of gas supply facilities
The operation of the system allows:

  •     reduce the number of emergency requests from the public during the hours of maximum gas consumption
  •     increase the response speed of the ADF teams
  •     adjustment of the gas supply regime before problems arise for consumers