Remote control of gas distribution facilities and gas flow metering units


The solution is designed for the tasks of continuous remote monitoring of gas distribution network facilities, such as cabinet, block and stationary gas reduction points, gas flow metering units, gas distribution stations, cathodic protection stations, etc.


Брошюра "Технические решения"

  • ACTEL autonomous telemetry complex
  • control panel STM ACTEL
  • sensors of gas contamination, pressure, differential pressure, temperature, level and other sensors with a unified output signal
  • end position sensors, dry contact type limit switches and other logic modules
  • calculators and correctors of gas flow
  • electricity meters
  • other equipment with digital outputs

  • measurement, collection, processing, registration and control of the values of technological parameters of equipment installed at remote facilities
  • transmission of information from control objects in the mode of automatic continuous or interval polling of controlled objects or at the same time in case of emergency situations
  • transmission of information from control objects via wireless (GSM/GPRS/CSD, satellite, radio, etc.) and wired (RS232/485, Ethernet, etc.) communication channels to control rooms, control panels
  • maintaining an archive of data on objects
  • display of controlled parameters of monitoring objects on the PU
  • representation of an object in the form of an intuitive mnemonic diagram
  • implementation of a convenient search for a telemetry object by name elements
  • the presence of a sound and visual notification system for emergency situations
  • remote recording of "setpoints" on a specific object
  • archiving and viewing of controlled parameters of objects
  • logging of events and accounting of system states
  • displaying data in tabular and graphical form
  • export of generated report files to Microsoft Office software applications
  • simultaneous operation of several users in the system over a local network and over the Internet
  • adaptation of the system to the specific requirements of the customer
  • two-level Client-Server architecture based on the ACTEL software package, which includes independent and interconnected software modules and utilities
  • to monitor a small number of objects (parameters), the AxiSCADA program based on the web interface is used

Objects of application:
  • gas control points (GRPSH/GRPB/PGB)
  • gas transmission networks
  • installations of electrochemical protection of gas pipelines (SCP)
  • transportable block and stationary boiler houses
  • household, commercial and technological gas flow metering units