Control of wastewater composition


The solution is designed for operational monitoring and control of the composition of the aquatic environment, for various application conditions:
  • natural reservoirs industrial and household water
  • ontrol of wastewater composition and sewage effluents
  • technological control of the work of treatment facilities, etc


Брошюра "Технические решения" 

  • ASAX wastewater pollution control system
  • dispatching and remote control system based on the Web-Telemetry portal
  • analyzers
  • telemetry cabinet
  • pneumatic or mechanical cleaning system
  • sample preparation and sampling system

The automated system of autonomous control of wastewater (effluents) - ASAKS fully complies
with the requirements of the Resolutions of the Government of the Russian Federation dated 13.03.2019 No. 262 and No. 263.
  • The system provides measurement of concentrations of the following substances and parameters: suspended solids, ammonium ion, phosphorus phosphates, volume flow, temperature, hydrogen index, chemical oxygen consumption
  • It is possible to expand the list of measured parameters.
  • The ability to install at any point where monitoring is required.
  • The system is certified as a measuring instrument and has a metrological certificate.

  • autonomous operational monitoring of water composition for the presence of petroleum products, salts and organic impurities of COD, nitrates, nitrites, electrical conductivity, turbidity, color and (others on request) in the aquatic environment and water supply and sanitation networks
  • notification of responsible persons supervising water resources, as well as those servicing water supply networks about the presence of the fact of pollution of the aquatic environment with exceeding the maximum permissible concentration (MPC) of pollutants
  • registration and archiving of events exceeding the MPC during the entire observation period
  • analysis of the obtained monitoring data to determine the source of pollution and develop proposals for the prevention (reduction) of discharges of pollutants into the aquatic environment
In an autonomous version, the Automated system of autonomous control of wastewater (effluents) - ASAKS allows for operational control of the aquatic environment for more than 30 days (with a survey frequency of 1 every 3 minutes). If necessary, the autonomy of the system can be increased by installing a larger capacity power supply. In a stationary version (using an external power supply source, including on the basis of renewable energy), the survey period can be up to 1 time per minute with a service frequency of up to once every 6 months. A cellular communication channel is used for data transmission in an autonomous version, and any available type of communication can be used for a stationary version.  The dispatching level is made in the form of a WEB portal, to which authorized personnel access is carried out, both from stationary Automated workplaces and from mobile devices: smartphones, tablet computers. The processed data can be freely integrated into enterprise systems.

Types of ASAX execution depending on the tasks:
  For reservoirs
Allows autonomous monitoring of the level of pollutants in reservoirs of any type.
There are versions based on a buoy, as well as vandal-proof versions for reservoirs located within the city.

Stationary system with long service intervals.
The transmission of information is possible via any available communication channels.
It is possible to use the system in terms of process control at the enterprise.

Installation of the system in any chamber or well of gravity sewerage takes about 2 hours.
The autonomy of the system is 1 month.
The degree of protection is IP68.