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Fast battery discharge
  • Check the controller operation mode
  • Check the number of communications (the presence of accidents at the facility, due to which the object is constantly in touch)
  • Кthe controller does not communicate
  • Check the power supply of the controller
  • To clarify whether the telecom operator did not carry out work on upgrading its equipment at the time of the objects' communication.    
  • Check for registration in the GSM network (signal strength)
The controller is not registered in the GSM networkCheck your SIM balance
  • Check the availability of all necessary connected services from the mobile operator (SMS, GPRS, CSD data transmission)
  • Check whether the controller sees the SIM card. Check the SIM card connector

Incorrect display of the parameter on the PU (the wrong value of the analog\ discrete signal is displayed)
  • Check the parameter reading on the controller
  • Check the controller settings according to the signal table
  • Check the sensor's serviceability

Selection of operating modes of the controller to reduce power consumption
  • do not turn on the "sleep+GSM" mode
  • do not increase the frequency of sensor polling
  • without the need to exchange data with devices via RS-232/485
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How, how much and how to charge the KAM 200-00 isp.3
  •  Battery charge KAM 200-00 isp.3 is carried out by RAM chargers.OR-4, according to the operating manual of the KAM200-00 autonomous power supply module
  • The degree of charge of the KAM200-00 isp.3 can be controlled by the voltage on the connector for connecting the charger. At a voltage of 4.2V, the charge of the module must be stopped

certification of specialists

In order to improve the quality of service of telemetry equipment produced by AXITECH, which is in operation at the facilities, we certify specialists go to the section


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